Any questions? They are most likely answered here, if you have any questions not answered on here feel free to contact us.

How many trailer units do I need?

This depends on the amount of people attending and the duration of the event. Please call 01858 882176 or 0777 327 2711 for advice on this. The gallery shows the number of guests per unit over an 8 hours period however if your event is more than one day or over a longer period please call for helpful, friendly advice.

How much space is needed for delivery?

Enough to fit a pick up truck and trailer. As well as being able to manoeuvre the trailer.

How are the toilets delivered?

The luxury units are delivered with a pick-up truck.

The tardis units are delivered using either a 3.5 tonne, 6 tonne, 7.5 tonne or 7.5 tonne with trailer depending on the quantity ordered and vehicle availability.

Where can I place the units?

You’ll need to plan to place the units where we can easily drop off and collect. If the items are to be delivered to a domestic property we will need access for the vehicle to drop the unit with a suitable place to park. We will also need suitable access if the unit is to be serviced for long term hires or functions of more than one day.

Where can I have a tardis unit?

Tardis units are for outdoor use only. Not suitable for indoor use due to odour and access requirements. The luxury units can be sited inside if there is suitable access and ventilation.

Are the units going to be safe?

We understand that there is of course no guarantee, but we’d request the units are sited in an area where they are least likely to be stolen or vandalised.

Do I need water and electricity?

The luxury units require a 240-volt power supply, the can be run of a generator please call if you need advice. The tardis units are self-contained portable toilets so do not need connection to any services. The units may require servicing depending on the length of hire and number of users in which case access to water would be needed.

What will we supply with the toilets?

Toilets will be delivered with toilet paper, paper towels and soap if fitted with a sink, or hand sanitiser. If the hand washing water runs out there is the back up of the hand sanitiser.

When will the toilet be collected?

The luxury units are usually collected the following day but if the event is on a Saturday it is often a Monday collection. The tardis units would be collected as soon as possible after the hire period is over, however it may take up to 5 days to collect the tardis units.

Can I move the toilet once it’s on site?

Please do not try to move the unit once it is in place. Decide where you would like the unit before the driver arrives. A flat surface with good access without overhanging trees is needed. If you attempt to move the unit yourself, you would be responsible for any damage to the unit.

Are there lights in the units?

Yes in the luxury units, but not in the tardis units.

When are the units delivered and collected?

The units are delivered usually the day before your event and picked up the day after although this varies depending on what day the hire falls on. We get in touch with you on the Monday before your hire to arrange a convenient delivery time.

Do you provide loo paper, soap and hand towels?

Yes, we provide them all. We also offer a full-time attendant service if you’d like. They will keep the unit clean and restocked during your event.

What do I do if there is a problem?

You will be given the number of an engineer that is on call for your event outside of office hours. He will either talk you through what to do on the phone or he will come to site.

How do I book?

Please call Heidi in the office on 01858 882176 or 0777 327 2711, send an email to info@lodgefarmluxurytoilethire.co.uk or use our contact us form. Tell us your location, how and many people are attending, we can send you a no obligation quote. If you want to go ahead all the details will be on the quote.

Any other questions?